Scope HelpOR PRO

The smart way to warm scopes cost-effectively

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  • The Scope HelpOR PRO™ is a smart, cost-effective scope management system that enhances the surgeon’s vision during laparoscopic and robotic surgery.
  • By combining the tools that reduce condensation and scope fogging with those needed to keep the scope lens and trocar valves free of fluid and debris, The Scope HelpOR PRO™ provides everything needed for effective scope management.
  • It reduces or eliminates the need to clean the scope lens throughout surgery, which results in improved visibility, less surgical interruptions, and therefore fewer procedural delays.


Warm and defogs scopes

  • Warms scopes to an optimal temperature (50 C / 122 F) in 5-10 minutes, eliminating condensation that causes the scope to fog during the initial 15-20 minutes of the procedure.
  • Plug & Play application
  • Universal warming sheath; accommodates all scopes up to 12mm, including bariatric and robotic scopes
  • Anti-fog solution applies a micro-thin anti-fog coating to the scope lens
  • Medical grade, reusable 6V AC transformer offers endless power supply

Cleans scopes and trocars

  • Lint free microfiber cloth, protect and white-balances the scope lens
  • Two trocar swabs with soft, non-abrasive surgical foam tips
  • Radiopaque, rigid yet flexible trocar swabs





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