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The smart way to handle instruments in the Operating Room

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The QuivOR™ is a light weight disposable surgical instrument holder which is designed to isolate and hold surgical instruments securely while not in use during the procedure. It is made of a melt resistant material and is compatible with electrosurgical and harmonic devices which can reach up to 260 °C.

The QuivOR™ comes in two sizes which are available individually or nested together in a twin pack, optimising storage.


Smart, Versatile Surgical Field Organizer

  • Simple, effective, single-use device that keeps key surgical instruments always in reach of surgeons and scrub technicians
  • Available in two sizes
    • 270 mm length – open procedures
    • 410 mm length – laparoscopic procedures
  • Nested twin pack optimises storage space

Ease of Use

  • “No look” aperture window allows for straight forward insertion and removal of instruments
  • Stainless steel ring allows easy attachment to the patient’s drape.

Improved OR Safety

  • Creates a safe transfer zone for surgical instruments, reducing the risk of third-party inflicted sharps injuries.
  • No more dangerous and time-wasting cord tangling
  • Minimises the risk (and cost) of contamination due to instruments falling off the sterile field
  • Eliminates potential OR fire hazards