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The gold standard in gynecological laparoscopic surgery

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The McCartney Tube™ is a unique single use device that enables surgeons to perform hysterectomies and other gynecological procedures laparoscopically.

 The special design of the instrument facilitates improved visualization and reduces tumour seeded contamination risks during removal.

 The soft curvature acts as a safe guide during sectioning of the uterus and ensures no trauma to the tissue, whilst the airtight valves prevent loss of pneumoperitoneum after colpotomy.

 The Tube can also be used as a conduit for removing specimens during surgery. Additionally, the Tube provides a convenient entry for needle and suture into the pelvis for fast and simple suturing of the vaginal vault.


Superior visualization and control

  • Anatomical curved shape supports atraumatic insertion and provides anatomic fit
  • Visualizes vital structures around the cervix and identifies where to safely seal and divide the uterine vessels
  • Protects the ureters from trauma or accidental injury
  • Provides a guideline for bladder dissection and colpotomy
  • Maintains pneumoperitoneum after colpotomy

Versatile, practical, safe

  • Airtight trocar cap prevents loss of insufflation
  • Three instrument access ports (5mm/12mm/14mm) provide convenient entry and exit points for needle and suture for vaginal vault repair
  • Functions as specimen removal conduit, e.g. for the uterus, lymph nodes and ovarian cysts
  • Withstands both electrosurgical and ultrasonic energy
  • A small hole and slit at the tip of the tube for holding sutures, with ribbing at the neck of tube for clamping in position
  • Medical grade liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and polypropylene. Latex free.
  • Available in two sizes: 35mm and 45mm




“The McCartney Tube exposes all vital landmarks around the cervix.  It acts as a reference point, guiding the incision when I separate the cervix from the vagina. At the same time the tube protects any adjacent structures and operates as an excellent vaginal seal after the colpotomy preventing the loss of gas. The McCartney Tube allows me to perform safe and efficient laparoscopic hysterectomies every time.”

Professor Andreas Obermair, MD VIE, FRANZCOG, CGO
Greenslopes Private Hospital

Watch Professor Obermair suture a vaginal vault laparoscopically here.

“I have been very happy with the standard McCartney tube and have been using it for 15 years
on many hundreds of cases.”

Dr Tom Manolitsas, Epworth Eastern Hospital


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