ColpotomizOR Tube System

The smart way to perform laparoscopic and robotic hysterectomies

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The ColpotomizOR Tube System™ combines the safety and functionality of the ColoptomizOR™ Tube with the optimal manipulation capacity of the ManipulatOR™.

The anatomical design of the tube permits easy insertion and positioning of the uterine manipulator for visualization and control.

Based on the procedure performed, the ManipulatOR™ is used to manipulate the uterus. The 20-cc inflatable balloon at the distal end stabilises the manipulator within the uterine cavity, enabling surgeons to maintain the uterus in the desired position. 

With the tube operating as a specimen removal conduit the ManipulatOR™ can used to extract the uterus vaginally after its complete detachment.


Combining safety and functionality

  • Anatomical curved shape of the Tube allows for easy insertion, identification and dissection of vital structures around the cervix
  • Protects uterus from trauma during surgery
  • Facilitates colpotomy with electrosurgical and ultrasonic energy sources

Optimizing uterine manipulation

  • Full control and mobilization of the uterus (360 degrees rotation – anteversion, retroversion and lateral movement)
  • The inflated balloon (20cc) stabilizes the manipulator in situ and provides a firm hold for manipulation

Offering choice and flexibility

  • Acts as specimen removal conduit for extracting the uterus, ovaries, nodes and other large specimen enabling surgeons to perform advanced and challenging laparoscopic procedures with all 5mm trocars
  • Three instrument access ports (5mm/12mm/14mm) allow surgical instruments access while maintaining pneumoperitoneum
  • A small hole and slit at the tip of the tube for holding sutures, with ribbing at neck of tube for clamping in position.
  • Medical grade liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and polypropylene. Latex free.
  • Available in two sizes: 35mm and 45mm.




“Our introductory use of the ColpotomizOR Tube System (CTS) was a very successful one at Calvary John James Canberra recently. I cannot speak highly enough of its practical application during the two lap hysterectomies I performed.

Time is an important factor for me during these procedures; therefore the all-in-one system expedites the surgical process in a safe and effective manner.”

Dr Omar Adham, Calvary John James Hospital, Canberra


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