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 Brett Telford, founder of  The O.R. Company spoke to Brook Recruitment about the growing need for cost-effective and innovative surgical devices and his innovative plans for even further expansion and his vision for the future.

Tell us a little about The O.R. Company, and as its founder and president, what prompted you to launch the business?

The O.R. Company develop, supply and market high quality, innovative surgical devices – from niche, fast moving operating room devices to proprietary single-use surgical instruments, primarily used in minimally invasive surgery.

We work with surgeons, clinical technicians and nurses around the world to identify surgical needs and advance them into effective and safe products such as the renowned McCartney/CoplotomizOR Tube™ to more recent innovations such as the LapPakOR™.

When starting The O.R. Company, I saw the need for cost-effective and innovative surgical devices that provide superior outcomes for stakeholders at all levels.

As a private and independent entity, The O.R. Company is able to rapidly source, develop and supply innovative devices, deliver dynamic service and choose partnerships that provide products and solution that match our vision and values.

Where do you see The O.R. Company in five years’ time? What are your plans for expansion?

Our vision is to see our products being used in every operating room throughout the world, and thus create and facilitate the “smart” O.R. of the future.

Whilst this is an aggressive goal, particularly within the next five years, we are taking big steps in that direction every day, establishing a “smart” organisation that offers an innovative product portfolio of effective, high value and proven surgical devices.

Having started with just one product in 2008 we have since commercialised over a dozen, which are now sold all over the world. We will continue to innovate products where we see a need and expand our global footprint at the same time.

We are expanding into an increasingly smart, innovative but yet globally cost conscious industry. As a surgical device company we need to do the same and look to add value where it counts. We have established offices in the USA, Hong Kong and Australia, and our products are sold and supported through a network of partners in Europe, Asia Pacific and more recently the Middle East.

You are also the President of The O.R Company based out of Tacoma Washington in the US. How do balance your commitments in not only Australia and the US, but also other markets you are expanding into?

Having founded the US organisation in 2011, in 2013 I sold a strategic stake in the US company to my current business partner. The partnership works extremely well and affords me the ability to focus on research and development as well as the businesses both here in Australia and Asia. I also have the luxury of an extremely supportive wife and family. As the team continues to develop I hope to have even more time to focus on more initiatives

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