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The smart way to maximize uterine manipulation

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The ManipulatOR PRO™ is a versatile uterine manipulator utilized for laparoscopic hysterectomy and colpotomy.

Its curved design aligns to the angle of the sacral curve allowing for a simple and safer manipulation of the uterus. The 20cc inflatable balloon adds control and safety, reducing the risk of uterine perforation and trauma.

The ManipulatOR PRO creates safe operative margins by providing enhanced visualization and better access to important anatomical structures.



Simple, safe, effective

  • Double-cup design supports surgeons performing colpotomy while maintaining pneumoperitoneum
  • Available in a wide range of cervical cups (32mm, 35mm, 37mm, 40mm, 45mm*New) to accommodate different gynecological procedures, patient characteristics, instruments and surgeon preferences
  • Cervical cups can be used with electrosurgical energy sources
  • Adjustable 20cc inflatable balloon at the distal end stabilizes the ManipulatOR PRO™ within the uterine cavity, enabling the surgeon to maintain the uterus in the desired position without the need for a fixation stay-suture
  • 2-way valve ensures quick and easy inflation and deflation of the balloon
  • Anatomical curved ManipulatOR PRO™ shaft supports atraumatic insertion and easy mobilization of the uterus (anteversion, retroversion and lateral movement)
  • Unique design of the handle gives surgeons a sense of direction and full control of the uterine position
  • Latex free




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