The smart way to operate

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Scope HelpOR

Scope HelpOR

The smart way to achieve clear, surgical vision

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Join us at IGCS 2016

Uniting the globe in the fight against gynecologic cancer

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Meet us @ AAGL 2016

Advancing Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery

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IGCS 2016

This October, Lisbon (Portugal) will be home to the greatest minds in the field of gynaecologic oncology. Join us...


Sharing the Purple Love

September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month. Accounting for 9% of all women’s cancers, gynecological cancer is rarely discussed...

Smart Device Partnership

Melbourne, Australia – The O.R. Company is excited to announce that it recently signed an exclusive distribution agreement...

Smart Vaginal Vault Suturing

Professor Andreas Obermair, is a leading RANZCOG accredited Certified Gynaecological Oncologist (CGO). He is a full Professor at the University...


"I cannot speak highly enough of the ColpotomizOR Tube System's practical application during the two lap hysterectomies I performed."

Dr Omar Adham
Calvary John James Canberra

"Time is an important factor for me during these procedures; therefore the all-in-one system expedites the surgical process in a safe and effective manner."

Dr Omar Adham
Calvary John James Canberra

"I have been very happy with the standard McCartney tube and been using it for 15 years on many hundreds of cases."

Dr Tom Manolitsas
Epworth Eastern Hospital

"The McCartney Tube allows me to inspect the surgical field, extract the uterine body and close the vaginal vault while maintaining pneumoperitoneum."

Professor Andreas Obermair
Greenslopes Private Hospital

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Suture_PassOR_with_Guides_1_web Suture PassOR with Guide

The smart way to close port sites

Lap-PakOR Lap PakOR

The smart way to pack bowels


The smart way to handle hot surgical instruments